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PINE Spine System

PINE Spine System
  • Introduction

PINE is our comprehensive thoracic and lumbar screw-rod system. The system provides options for anterior or posterior approach, traditional or minimally invasive surgery and 5.5mm or 6.0mm rod selection. The cutting-edge product design plus superior instrument ensure great user experience and optimal patient result.

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PINE I Spine System
PINE I Spine System is designed to provide safety and easy to use instrumentation for the thoracolumbar posterior fixation.  → View details
PINE II OPFIX Spine System
OPFIX Spine System is specifically designed to address the increasing need of fixation for the osteoporotic spine. Maximum purchase is achieved along the pedicle canal with exceptional dural-quardruple design, which provides the enhanced ability to manage surgical cases with poor bone quality.  → View details
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PINE II 6.0 Spine System
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