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Spine BoTEC is committed to providing superior solutions for spinal fixation and deformity correction. Our state of art products like PINE series feature some unique designs which allow faster screw insertion, provide better bone purchase and reduce overall complexity of procedure.
Product Category:
  • LILAC Anterior Cervical Plate System
  • IVY Anterior Cervical Plate System
  • PRUNUS Anterior Cervical Plate System
  • CEDAR Cervical Reconstruction System
  • PINE Spine System
  • CREEPER Break off Crosslink


Trauma BoTEC offers innovative trauma solutions for surgeons to help our patients relief pain and improve quality of life. Our trauma portfolio provides a wide range of solutions for specific anatomical areas taking into account each patients' needs.
Product Category:
  • HOPPER Regular Plate System
  • EAGLE Locking Plate System
  • RHINO Pelvic Plate System
  • LEOPARD Variable Angle Locking Plate System
  • LYNX Locking Plate System
  • SPIDER Rib Stabilization System
  • HUMMER Cannulated Screw System
  • DORADO Pin System

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