PINE II 6.0 Spine System

PINE Spine System
  • Introduction
  • Indication/contraindication

PINE II Spine System is a 6.0 diameter rod system with optimized screw design, intended to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments in skeletally mature patients as an adjunct to fusion in the treatment of acute and chronic instabilities or deformities of the thoracic, lumbar spine.

-Double thread

●Faster screw insertion to shorten the operation time

-Conical tip, cylinder shaft

●Respects the pedicle anatomy, for maximized pedicle purchase
●Self-centering design helps to ensure accurate alignment within the pedicle

-Reliable locking mechanism

●Reverse angle screw thread design for minimal screw head splay
●Secure final tightening for enhanced rod purchase


The PINE-II 6.0 System is a posterior pedicle screw system(T1-S2).


– Degenerative disc disease
– Spondylolisthesis
– Trauma (i.e. fracture or dislocation)
– Tumor
– Stenosis
– Pseudarthrosis
– Failed previous fusion
– Deformities (i.e. scoliosis, kyphosis and/or lordosis)


– Osteoporosis
– In fractures and tumors with severe anterior vertebral body disruption, an additional anterior support or column reconstruction is required

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