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IVY Anterior Cervical Plate System

IVY Anterior Cervical Plate System
  • Introduction
  • Indication/contraindication
      IVY Anterior Cervical Plate System allows surgeons to further compress bone graft and maintain the compression before plating, which will promote fusion for anterior cervical discectomy or corpectomy. With patented lateral opened plate design and customized distraction system, IVY allows surgeon to insert the plate when bone graft is compressed. This will improve the fusion rate.

  -Patented lateral opened plate design
●With customized distraction system, allow the plating under the compression of bone graft to improve fusion rate
●Less vertebral body damage and blood loss
●Streamlized the procedure and save OR-time

          -Widely opened bone graft window
         ●Enhanced plate/screw placement accuracy
         ●Allow bone graft after plating


-Simpler procedure and less OR-time

IVY System is intended for anterior plate and screw fixation of the cervical spine (C2–C7) for the following indications: 

– Degenerative disc disease (DDD, defined as neck pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by history and radiographic studies)
– Spondylolisthesis
– Spinal stenosis
– Tumors (primary and metastatic)
– Failed previous fusions
– Pseudarthrosis
– Deformity (i.e kyphosis, lordosis and/or scolosis)

– Severe osteoporosis and indications not listed above
– Any indication where fusion is not required
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