PINE I Spine System

PINE Spine System
  • Introduction
  • Indication/contraindication

PINE I Spine System is designed to provide safe and easy to use instrumentation for thoracolumbar posterior fixation.

-Low profile screw head

● Less soft tissue disturbance for decreased post-op pain
● Sufficient bone graft area forenhanced posterior lateral fusion rate

-Specet screw

● Reverse angle screw thread design for minimal screw head splay
● Secure final tightening for enhance rod purchase


The PINE I Spine System is a posterior pedicle screw system(T1-S2).

– Degenerative disc disease
– Spondylolisthesis
– Trauma (i.e. fracture or dislocation)
– Tumor
– Stenosis
– Pseudarthrosis
– Failed previous fusion
– Deformities (i.e. scoliosis, kyphosis and/or lordosis)

– Osteoporosis
– In fractures and tumors with severe anterior vertebral body disruption, an additional anterior support or column reconstruction is required
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